Wyld File is an American Multi Media team specializing in the production of music videos for interweb, DVD-ROMs and televisions.



Not since 1999, and the invention of multimedia, was the world so taken aback by CD-Romz. Now with, CD-Romz out selling CDs, DVDs and box office reciepts combined one wonders, "what will technology suprise us with next?" Hold on to you hats, because internet start-up venture Macromedia has just developed a vector based file format called Future-Splash. As Paper Rad puts it ,"A lot of cool shit was done in Flash, but there was never anything really that looked so funky that pushed Flash behond it limits, into an arena where the very tools of Flash have eaten themselves and caused a creative process to evolve against all the things Flash isn't supposed to do." Simply put, to make the first true Dogman 99 Flash Movie.

Paper Rap insists the loosely based value system "Dogman 99" consisting of the rules "no Wacom tablet, no scanning, pure RGB colors only, only fake tweening, as many alpha tricks as possible" was recently fully realized during a project with E*Rock while making a video for Beck. "Beck wanted it done as a 3 minute animated gif, but we pitched a Flash animation," said Paper Rad ,"about halfway through the video E*Rock realized that with our use of Future Splash Faxelism* we had a new genre on our hands. We had to stop production for 2 weeks unitl we came up with a cool name for what we were doing." Onward and upward, and with the Macantosh hinting at a new OS capable of multitasking, one can only expect to see more of this new genre of Flash called (please print ink smear or fucked up text to hide the name of the genre here).

* "Faxel" was a term coined to desribe Wyld File's vector based pixel style


"Don't Call me Whitney, Bobby"for Islands. Watch >


"Standing in the Way of Control" is a video we did for The Gossip. We only were given one week to come up with a concept, shoot and animate. Tight schedule right? Yeah, we pulled it off thought. You can watch it here.


"Gameboy Homeboy" is an animated music video made for Beck. This series of videos was made for the Gameboy style 8-bit remixes made from songs from his latest album "Guero". The animations were getting too much traffic so we had to remove them from the web, but there are three Wyld File videos and one Mumbleboy video from this series of Beck videos that are scheduled to appear later this year on DVD on Interscope Records. You can watch Gameboy Homeboy video here.


"Bad Cartridge " is the second animated music video made for Beck's Gameboy remixe series. Watch it here >


"Bit Variations in B-Flat" is the 3rd animation form the series. watch here.


Cory Arcangel (Beige) and Paper Rad, Super Mario Movie, Deitch Projects
76 Grand St., January 15, 2005



The drawing tool of choice for Wyld File was once a hand-crafted tablet, made from the track pad from an Powerbook G3 laptop for members of Wild Fyle as customized by Cory Arcangel. Combined with Future-Splash Technologies, the pad is activated with use of an electro-light sharpie and is the only way to humanly acheive the exquisite drawing styles that are so revered by fans of the Wyld File... until now!



  • no Wacom tablet
  • no scanning
  • pure RGB colors only
  • only fake tweening
  • as many alpha tricks as possible
  • hyperlinks




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